SpringWatch at Rhumhor

Our guests at Rhumhor have been treated to their very own SpringWatch, observing these lovely baby swallows as they have grown in their nest. They are visible from both inside and outside the house and it has been a real treat for everyone to see them as they have developed, fed constantly by a very hardworking mum and dad.

This is the third year that swallows have nested in this spot, it seems to be the ideal place for them to raise their youngsters and it means we have wildlife right on the doorstep! Above the bedroom windows we have house martins nesting and in the wood along the burn both wood peckers and herons. Bill has constructed and erected an owl box in a tree behind the house, but that has not been occupied so far. Rhumhor is a wonderful place for spotting different birds, from sea birds on the loch, the golden eagles in the hills to our little baby swallows. Come and See for yourself.